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dogs love Nupro Joint supplement
My name is Randy Lauscher from East Point, GA. This morning while getting ready for work, my Corgi "Marty" got a hold of my empty jar of Nupro, and proceeded to get his head stuck in the jar! I couldn't get it off, so I went to the garage and got some wire cutters and cut through the plastic. Attached is a picture of him I quickly took with my digital camera. I couldn't help but laugh, he looked so pitiful with that jar on his head! I thought you might find this funny...I guess it's quite a testimony to your product! ;)
Randy Lauscher
I heard about Nupro from a number of people. After hearing such wonderful things about it, I decided to buy some and try it. It is amazing!!! My 15-month-old rottweiler had a shoulder injury. He would heal, then start limping again, over and over. Now he has no more problems at all, his coat is so soft and shiny, and he just loves it! Thank you for making such an amazing product available!
Anne & Bauer
I have three English Springer Spaniels, two of which are Champions of the breed. The third Springer is bred for the field.
Several years ago the field bred Springer developed allergies that consisted of red eyes, scratching, loss of coat luster, ear problems and hot spots just to name a few. Since I had my bitch on NUPRO, I decided to give it a go with Max; that was last October. Amazingly, after about six weeks, I noticed that Max no longer had red eyes and all the other symptoms.
I can't believe it, but we got through the whole winter without a hot spot or any other annoying discomfort to this wonderful companion. I might add, that I also only believe in feeding my animals products that don’t have any artificial preservatives and this alone did not do the trick. It was only when I added NUPRO to his diet that I saw the change.
Congratulations for making such a fine product.
Judy Kolt
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this supplement! Judy Marion from NovaRotts Rescue told my email group about this supplement and how wonderful it was and how we should all use it! So, there were a lot of us on Rotts n Nots that decided to give it a try and I am hooked!
Ember, my Rottie, was diagnosed with HD when she had her 1 year x-rays done. She is moderately severe on one side and severe on the other. She has just finished her first 5 lb tub of Nupro Joint and she looks wonderful. Her coat is like patent leather and her teeth are pearly white. She runs like a greyhound and jumps like a kangaroo. She just had her 3rd birthday on April 15th and you can see how happy she is! I can’t thank you enough for making this product, it is the best!
Candy and Nitro's Ember von Albree
aka Emmy
I would like to let you know a little bit about my experience with Nupro. I have a 13-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, Schnoppie, that I have had her entire life (my first child). About 3 years ago she was stricken with terrible arthritis, with horrible shakes, with periods of time that she couldn't move and I knew she was very uncomfortable. My husband and I had to have that serious discussion about her quality of life. After the tears and the realization we started looking and hoping for an alternative. We were introduced to Nupro through a breeder that we purchased a Giant Schnauzer from. Part of the agreement in purchasing this dog was to keep him on the Nupro. We started Schnoppie on your product following the instructions on the dosage. Within a month her shaking had subsided, she was a lot more lively, her arthritis seemed to be much better. This was everything we had hoped for but, we received more with the Nupro product. Schnoppie had a new layer of thick soft hair growing, her skin had always been itchy and dry, not anymore, and her beautiftil little eyes that had been so cloudy and sad were suddenly alert, clear and happy.
Schnoppie is still an older dog that needs special attention (mostly love). However, I knew she is a much happier dog by the way she looks and her excitement for life. Grady, our three year old Giant Schnauzer, has been on your product all of his life. He is the most healthy, shiny, fit animal you will ever see. We love our animals and want you to know how much we appreciate your product that keeps them at their best. Let us know when you invent a formula for humans! A very happy customer
Shauna Day Coskey
My name is Kathleen Sanderson and I am the proud owner of two male Rottweilers: Addison, 5 year old rescue, and Carter, 8 month old puppy. I was originally told to try Nupro by Judy Marion at Nova Rottweiler Rescue, but then was convinced by a number of members on Rotts N Nots yahoo group (including Noel Gilbert and Jackie Carlson) to give it a shot.
I have now had both boys on the Joint Supplement for 6 weeks. There are a number of things that I have noticed have improved! To begin with, their coats are both so shiny and soft! Addison's coat feels like a fleece blanket, seriously! I receive compliments constantly on both of them. I have also noticed that they hardly shed now. I used to have to sweep my wood floors in the house every day in order to not get hair balls in the corners and under tables. But now I can easily go quite a few days, and their hair does not come off in waves when I brush them!
They both also LOVE the taste, as I mix it with water to make the gravy. And a number of my friends who have dogs that were very picky with their food have found that adding the Nupro has finally made their dogs gobble everything up! I also love the fact that it has so many vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc!
But the most important reason why I started to add Nupro to both of my dogs diet, was because of the glucosamine complex in the Supplement! Addison tore his right ACL two months before he turned 3 years old. He then tore his left ACL a year later (had both surgeries on the exact same day, one year apart!). In the past year I had also noticed that he would start limping slightly on his right shoulder, and I was just waiting for him to completely fall apart joints wise. I was giving him glucosamine in a tablet form, but I wanted to do something more for him, and I had heard so many wonderful things about Nupro helping with achy joints and limping so I decided to give it a try. Since I have started the Nupro Joint Supplement, he has completely stopped limping and I just feel so much better about him. I am no longer half as worried.
So thank you very much! I even managed to convince my local doggie boutique to carry Nupro products, so that I no longer have to order it online.
Kathleen Sanderson
I just want to send you a quick note letting you know how pleased I am with your Nupro all natural dog supplement. I have a six month old Akita puppy who has suffered with a chronic urinary tract infection for over two months. He had stopped eating and was completely lifeless for quite an extended period of time. Out of desperation, I tried Nupro and the electrolytes on this puppy. I cannot believe the improvement of this animal. In only three weeks, he has put on 12 pounds, stopped heavy hair loss, is full of energy, and his coat is shiny and healthy.
I am a firm believer in using only natural products free of artificial additives, colors and preservatives. I am very impressed with the list of ingredients in Nupro. Prior to my Nupro discovery, I supplemented my dog’s all-natural food with brewer’s yeast and sea meal. As soon as my yeast/sea meal supply is depleted, I intend to put my 16-month old female Akita on Nupro as well. I am promoting your product to all animal lovers that I encounter. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Dale Freelan
A Very Happy Customer
Thank you for such a wonderful product. I have been purchasing Nupro Joint Support for about 4-5 yrs now for my rottweilers. Nikki is my 6-7 yr old spayed female rescue that we adopted from a shelter 5 1/2 yrs ago. We know nothing of her past but within a few months of living with us she injured her shoulder while playing with my teen son. The vet wanted her on Rimadyl but after doing research on that medicine, my husband and I opted not to give it to her. After time didn't heal her and she was still having joint pain after slow short walks, we found Nupro and purchased the joint support. Aftera few short months she had no more limping and now can run like a puppy, pain-free.
My 3 yr old spayed female rotti, Xena, also injured her elbow by slipping on ice in our yard 2 yrs ago during our harsh New England weather. She also plays pain free now. Both girls also have shiny black coats, no shedding except in spring and both are blood donors with excellent results from all tests at the pre-donation testing. Again, Thank you for a great product!
I called just over a month ago and talked to a very nice lady who helped me with questions on Nupro. I have 2 Shelties and one was having an allergic reaction to something airborne and was itching and biting herself like crazy.
She was put on prednisone and then I started them both on Nupro and in just month she is over her problem and my other Shelties coat looks fuller and I noticed today that I did not have as much hair to vacuum up.
Usually it clings to the bottom of the chairs in the dining room and before vacuuming today I went to wipe them off and there was no hair there to wipe. I think it must be the Nupro. I want to thank you for such a great product. I am so glad that I found you and between phone calls and talking to the lady at our local health food store our girls will stay on Nupro.
Susan McMillin & the Sunshine Girls
Just a word to say, "THANKS" AND "WOW" for making such a wonderful line of products. We have been using your All Natural Dog Supplement and Custom Electrolyte Formula for several years now and have had nothing but great results. Not only do my dogs look and perform better, but they never seem to run out of energy.
We recommend NUPRO to all the people who buy our puppies and send them all home with a sample to try.
Mr. M. Belcher
Philadelphia, PA
PS A.R.B.A./F.I.C. CH. Schmid & Belchers, Nadine and A.R.B.A. CH. Schmid’s Rohmel say "Thanks for helping us become CHAMPS!"
try Nupro for dogs and cats
I met one of your representatives at the Atlantic City Pet Trade show and she gave me a free sample of your Nupro Joint Supplement for Dogs. I love it so much that I wish to purchase the 5 lb or greater container of it.
Please let me know if I should or could order it directly from you or where I can get it. I have 7 dogs that perform Frisbee shows around the country as members of the Purina Incredible Dog Team and for myself, Rise & Shine Canines and your product is by far the best I've ever used/tried.
Thank you,
Gail L. Mirabella
I am a trainer at Dogs for the Deaf in Central Point, OR. We were fortunate to have you send us a large supply of Nupro for our use with the dogs in training at DFD.
We obtain our dogs from mostly Humane Society shelters and municipal animal control facilities throughout the U.S. For the most part, the health and vitality of these dogs when we get them are poor. Many are strays that have had little or no care during their life. We see many of the dogs coming in with severe cases of intestinal worms, some with varying degrees of kennel cough, and even others with parvo or heartworm. During their recovery and throughout their stay we feed a premium brand of dog food, but even then it takes many weeks before the dogs begin to show signs of good health such as their coat improving, greater energy levels and better overall confidence, which I believe stems from their better health. We have seen a decrease in the time it takes for the dogs to reach that healthy state using Nupro.
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help you have given Dogs for the Deaf by the donation of your product. I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity.
Kim Meinhardt
Certified Audio Canine Trainer
Dogs for the Deaf
Nupro was exactly as you promised!
When we received our first shipment of Nupro, our golden retriever, Iris, was already shedding handfuls of coat during her baths in preparation for her heat and the upcoming spring.
During her next weekly bath, the amount of hair loss was equal to a quarter size. She continues to retain a luxurious, full coat though she is pre-heat and warmer weather has arrived.
The other benefit is that, though she was a picky eater before, she inhales her food now. Every last morsel! She loves the taste of Nupro!
Linda Shipman