NUPRO All Natural Dog Supplement

is an all natural, holistic product that provides essential vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes lacking from the process foods. The formulation replenishes dogs with the nutrients that they would have obtained if they are out in the wild. Nupro dog supplement is great for all breeds and all ages of dogs. Even safe for puppies!
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NUPRO's quality ingredients are as follows:
DESICCATED LIVER: The ultimate in palatability! This fresh, natural flavor of real liver is wonderful for the finicky eater because when mixed with water, makes a great gravy that dogs crave. Supplies iron and B vitamins.
NORWEGIAN KELP: A natural seaweed that is a rich source of trace minerals
including iodine, which is used for proper glandular function and metabolism.
An excellent source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and E. These vitamins
are beneficial for maintaining proper health and are responsible for
the growth of bones, a healthy heart rate, a sound central nervous
system, and helping muscles stay firm and strong. Norwegian kelp grows
deep in the ocean, mostly in cold waters, so it contains valuable
nutrients from the ocean floor. Aside from nourishing the glands, it is
beneficial for overall good health. Supports healthy pigmentation and
coat highlights.
MICROPULVERIZED BEE POLLEN: One of nature’s healthiest and
most powerful ‘superfoods.’ Bee pollen contains an incredible array
of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. It’s one of the most nutritionally
complete natural substances found on earth. Supports a healthy immune
system. Keeps healthy hormones in balance. Supports allergy protection.
IMPORTED YEAST CULTURE: Helps maintain a full and healthy coat which
may minimize the occurrence of excessive shedding, hot spots and itchy, dry
fur. Provides proteins, zinc and biotin. Best source of B vitamins. Most companies
use cheaper brewers yeast which can be a combination of hops, corn, grains, wheat, etc., whatever comes from the brewery. Many animals have grain allergies, and this ingredient may further aggravate an allergy condition. With nutritional yeast culture, it is grown on sugar beets, a veggie source, so NO grains are present at all. Something to think about when reading ingredient labels.
FLAXSEED AND GROUND BORAGE SEED: Provides essential fatty acids. Most absorbable vegetable fatty acid for the canine. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid, fiber and lignans. Helps maintain healthy shiny fur and soft skin.
LECITHIN: A rich source of choline, which the body requires to make acetylcholine, a
neurotransmitter which is essential for normal, healthy nerve and brain function.
Supports healthy liver function, too.
GARLIC CONCENTRATE: Wonderful ingredient that does so much for the
body. Garlic contains allicin, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial capable of
warding off different types of infection. Supports a healthy immune system.
LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS: Promotes healthy digestion which may reduce
the occurrence of flatulence. Because NUPRO is in a powdered form and not from
concentrate, it is easily assimilated into the system and digested with the dog’s food. There is no sense in giving an animal this superior product if they don’t digest it properly. Also promotes friendly bacteria in intestinal tract.
CALCIUM CITRATE: Calcium is best absorbed in an acidic environment, hence calcium citrate is the best absorbed supplemental form of calcium—it does not require extra stomach acid for absorption. Intended to provide nutritive support for healthy bones, teeth and nerve function.